Phenolic glycolipid facilitates mycobacterial escape from microbicidal tissue-resident macrophages

C.J. Cambier, Seónadh M. O’Leary, Mary P. O’Sullivan, Joseph Keane, and Lalita Ramakrishnan

Immunity 47 (3), 552-565

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September 2017


A macrophage response to Mycobacterium leprae phenolic glycolipid initiates nerve damage in leprosy

Cressida A. Madigan, C.J. Cambier, Kindra M. Kelly-Scumpia, Philip O. Scumpia, Tan-Yun Cheng,
Joseph Zailaa, Barry R. Bloom, D. Branch Moody, Stephen T. Smale, Alvaro Sagasti, Robert L. Modlin, and Lalita Ramakrishnan

Cell 170 (5), 973-985

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August 2017


Lysosomal disorders drive susceptibility to tuberculosis by compromising macrophage migration

Russell D. Berg, Steven Levitte, Mary P. O’Sullivan, Seónadh M. O’Leary, C.J. Cambier, James Cameron, Kevin K. Takaki, Cecilia B. Moens, David M. Tobin, Joseph Keane, and Lalita Ramakrishnan

Cell 165 (1), 139-152

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March 2016


ICOS and Bcl6-dependent pathways maintain a CD4 T cell population with memory-like properties during tuberculosis

Albanus O. Moguche, Shahin Shafiani, Corey Clemons, Ryan P. Larson, Crystal Dinh, Lauren E. Higdon, C.J. Cambier, James R. Sissons, Alena M. Gallegos, Pamela J. Fink, and Kevin B. Urdahl

Journal of Experimental Medicine, 212 (5), 715-728

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April 2015


Host evasion and exploitation schemes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

CJ Cambier, Stanley Falkow, and Lalita Ramakrishnan

Cell 159 (7), 1497-1509

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December 2014


Mycobacteria manipulate macrophage recruitment through coordinated use of membrane lipids

C.J. Cambier, Kevin K. Takaki, Ryan P. Larson, Rafael E. Hernandez, David M. Tobin, Kevin B. Urdahl, Christine L. Cosma, and Lalita Ramakrishnan

Nature 505 (7482), 218-222

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January 2014


Neutrophils exert protection in the early tuberculous granuloma by oxidative killing of mycobacteria phagocytosed from infected macrophages

Chao-Tsung Yang, C.J. Cambier, J. Muse Davis, Christopher J. Hall, Philip S. Crosier, and Lalita Ramakrishnan

Cell host & microbe 12 (3), 301-312

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September 2012


DAP12 is required for macrophage recruitment to the lung in response to cigarette smoke and chemotaxis toward CCL2

Laura L. Koth, C.J. Cambier, Almut Ellwanger, Margaret Solon, Lydia Hou, Lewis L. Lanier, Clare L. Abram, Jessica A. Hamerman, and Prescott G. Woodruff

The Journal of Immunology 184 (11), 6522-6528

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